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About Cavu

Cavu Marketing is a locally-owned and operated marketing boutique located in the heart of downtown Elkin, a small little historic town in North Carolina. We offer a broad variety of marketing services and products, which include graphic design, marketing and branding, print, web development, and social media management.

Cavu’s main focus is primarily small businesses along with organizations and non-profit organizations.  We feel as though we have the resources available to assist with larger companies, however, our main target now is small local businesses and organizations.  We offer printing services, design services, and both print and ‘online’ marketing services. We are unique, unlike other print shops because we provide a variety of services for our clients leaving nothing for them to search out on their own. 




Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited

Our Story

2009:  Cavu Printing, Inc. began with David Simms, Sr. as the sole owner. The business started with a focus on offset printing. From the inception of the company until 2015, Cavu provided small businesses with printing needs such as business cards, brochures, flyers, rack cards, and other promotional print items.


2015:  Brittany Russell joined in the corporation and became the majority owner in 2015. She holds ten years of previous experience in graphic design and printing services and was the lead designer at a local sign business, Brittany saw the importance of adding marketing to Cavu’s list of services offered.


Brittany was currently enrolled in the New Generation Ventures Program, a program offered by The NC Rural Center when she bought shares of Cavu Printing, Inc. By working with the New Generations Ventures, under the guidance of Amanda Sorrells Young, Director of Entrepreneurship Brittany learned entrepreneur skills by completing courses such as Quickbooks and Business Plan Development as well as her constant communication with her mentor.  Because of her dedication and hard work in the program, Brittany was the NC Rural Center inaugural award of Outstanding Young Entrepreneur in 2015. 


Since joining the corporation as a majority owner, Brittany used her vision and insight of adding marketing services and the sales of marketing products and this ultimately resulted in increasing Cavu’s business by 25%, in just a short span of time.

2017:  Brittany Rogers (2.0) joined our flight crew. She has 5+ years of graphic design experience


Cavu’s strengths are exemplary customer service, efficiency, flexibility, exceptional and unique design work, marketing management linked with printing and design work, and working with clients and potential customers one-on-one.  We not only want to get to know our clients and their businesses or organizations but we take the extra time to research their industry whether it be a small business, organization, or large corporation.  We study local data and marketing trends as well as national marketing trends in their respective industries.   Flexibility is extremely important in today’s business world and we know our clients’ time is very valuable.  For this reason, we deem ourselves very flexible scheduling appointments and attending their business events, if necessary.

Our Mission

The mission of Cavu is to assist our clients with all of their marketing needs from branding, graphic design, website development, and printing services, exceeding their expectations with quality customer service enabling their businesses and organizations to soar to new heights. 

Our Vision

Our vision at Cavu is to be known as a small Main Street company that cares for our communities in which we live, while recognizing the importance of small businesses and organizations and providing them with quality services and products.

Meet The Brittany's and Our Awesome Crew

Brittany Rogers (2.0)

Pilot in Command

If you had a theme song, what would it be?

“Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers​

If you could shake hands with one person, who would it be and why?

Amy Winehouse if she were still alive because she had an amazing, free spirit and such an amazing voice. 

What do you like to do in your free time?

Live music, breweries/wineries, and being a dog mom to my puppy, Josie.


Brittany Russell (1.0)



If you had a theme song, what would it be?

"Girl on Fire" by Alicia Keys

If you could shake hands with one person, who would it be and why?

Elizabeth Taylor "I've been through it all baby, I'm mother courage." Look up 'survivor' in the dictionary and you may well see Elizabeth Taylor glancing proudly up at you, under the weight of some dazzling diamonds, no doubt. 

What does the prop in your photo represent?

Family. My family encourages me to be a better person daily and they motivate me as an entrepreneur. 

Ricki Barger

In Flight Service Manager

Marketing Consultant


If you had a theme song, what would it be?

"I Have Been Blessed" by Martina McBride

If you could shake hands with one person, who would it be and why?

I would shake hands with Jackie Kennedy Onassis because I've always been inspired by her grace and dignity, and how she inspired a nation at one of its saddest points.

What does the prop in your photo represent?

The football, baseball and wrestling singlet represent my passion for watching sports.  I'm an avid fan and some of my happiest and proudest times involved watching my two sons play little league, high school and college sports. 



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